Neurons professional-level membership of Kahoot! (note the exclamation mark) - an online game-based learning platform that brings fun and engagement - means we can craft and deliver exciting quiz based activities to all of our creative members. The Neurons team will provide a regular series of Kahoots that span many topics including the movies, music, science, books, history, geography, the environment, sports and much more. Some of our Kahoots will be hosted live via a member of the Neurons team, while other Kahoots will be self-paced, meaning Creative members can attempt them at any time convenient to themselves on their own.

Self-paced and online

Self-paced Kahoots can be completed at any time. These are not hosted by a Neurons team member. Instead the Creative member uses a pin number provided by our team via email to access and complete the activity. This means Creative members can attempt a self-paced Kahoot anytime anywhere.

In contrast to self-paced Kahoots, our live Kahoots are hosted - using Zoom - by a Neurons team member. The host will ask the quiz questions to participating Creative members who submit their answers using the Kahoot! app. Again the host will provide a pin number prior to the start time so that participants can join. The start time and date will be shared with all Creative members in good time so that you can prepare and join. Parents may wish to register for a free Zoom account in readiness for the first live Kahoot staged by Neurons.

Neurons Kahoot league launches 2021

We will be launching a Neurons league in 2021 which will allow members to compete for prizes. 12 Kahoot events, one per month, will challenge participants across a variety of topics. Individuals' scores will be calculated for all 12 events to determine the end-of-year winner. Open to Creative members only.

Self-esteem boost!

Self-esteem comes from feeling loved and secure, and from developing competence. Neurons is designed to support self-esteem by helping children develop knowledge and competence. Our Kahoots, designed to an age appropriate level, help children increase their knowledge and thus support their self-esteem. Our Kahoots give children the chance to research topics before answering questions while also affording them the opportunity to revisit any questions that were answered incorrectly.

Regular Kahoots

We will deliver regular Kahoots (at least one every month) straight to your inbox. You will receive the relevant access details as well as information about whether the Kahoot is live or if it is self-paced.

Family activity

While our Kahoots are designed for the children in the family, we encourage siblings and parents to get involved too. 

To get started

Creative members will need access to a mobile device upon which they can attempt either a live or self-paced Kahoot. The following link provides full details on the Kahoot! app for both Apple and Android devices:

There is no need to register an account with Kahoot! unless you intend to create and share your own competitions with friends and family. 

Kahoot! is a free app. While there may be in-app purchases please note that these are not necessary when participating in any Neurons activity.


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