Neurons is designed from the ground up to nurture the essential skills of every child that engages with any of our creative learning activities. Through the consistent application of the widely respected "learning spiral" your child, or children, will develop a range of skills that are deemed essential for the future economy via the World Economic Forum. For further details, read the World Economic Forum's compelling report "The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Our Creative Membership currently includes the following topics:

Arts and crafts


Art and craft activities are a great way to develop creativity and originality, explore and express feelings, improve self confidence, develop practical skills and have fun! Neurons art & craft activities cover a wide range of topics with lots of ideas for creative imagination to take flight!  From Henri Matisse to Andy Goldsworthy, drawing to tessellation, our activities are designed to open up the world of creative possibilities.

Coding, programming and the development of computational thinking are crucial skills as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, simply learning code is not enough. Neurons Coding activities are designed to develop these competencies in creative, playful and real-world contexts. Learners will experience a variety of coding languages and will learn to develop their understanding to create fun, engaging and personalised outcomes.

Creative writing


Creative writing offers opportunities to develop a wide range of skills. It can help children develop communication and problem solving skills, think creatively and imaginatively, increase focus and emotional intelligence, show their opinions and develop their voice. Our activities cover different aspects of creative writing including short story writing, creating poetry, journaling, writing a film review and making comic books.

Creative dance offers an opportunity for all ages and abilities to explore a thought, feeling or idea through movement. It taps into a child’s natural abilities to make and invent. It builds physical literacy and physical confidence. We begin by introducing an idea or concept and learn a short phrase of movement. Then we encourage students to play, or tinker with it, all while introducing a dance vocabulary. Next, children can create their own phrase using their imagination to make their own choreography.


Film making

Our environmental activities are designed by ECHO Company UK CIC. ECHO Company UK believe in the 'leave no trace' ethos. They often refer to the famous quote "Take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints". The kind of footprints children will be looking at is their own carbon footprint. How is the human race affecting the environment and climate change? More importantly, what can children do to help the environment? The first step involved in this will be getting all the facts. Our environmental activities will help children  learn more. Get ready to put your jackets and wellies on.

Our film-making activities introduce children in to the sibling skills of capturing film and editing. These two deeply connected skill-sets, when understood together, empower children to create short films that help them express their interests, thoughts and imagination. Children are introduced to the free online editing tool, Clipchamp, to edit their own recordings. The recordings can be captured using any device, whether a smartphone, compact camera or dedicated film camera. Being able to create a professional looking film is an important skill in the ever growing worlds of digital media and visual arts.

Get Active


The clue is in the title! A healthy active body produces a healthy mind, so this topic is all about getting off the couch, games console and smartphone to burn off some of the excess energy waiting to be used. Activities will be designed for both indoor and outdoor use to make sure opportunities to get active exist all year round.

LEGO is the ultimate playful tool. The company itself is founded upon the principle of learning through play. Neurons LEGO activities embrace the Creative Learning Spiral and encourage learners to break away from simply following a build guide, and to use their LEGO bricks to reimagine anything from animals to board games. 


Music is everywhere! On the radio, in the latest blockbuster film and it just so happens to be an extremely creative art form. Our music activities incorporate elements of songwriting and composition, while using technology to assist with the creativity. Apps such as GarageBand are a fantastic way to start producing your own music ready to release. 

Photography is a wonderful skill to develop. It helps every individual that pursues the craft to engage with their environment. It is a pursuit that can last a lifetime as both a hobby and a career. Photography encourages curiosity and documents moments forever. As the skill level develops so does the child's ability to create artworks that help boost their self-esteem. Our activities, which can all be completed with a smartphone, encourage children to develop their knowledge and skill of composition while developing the ability to observe their environment and to learn from it.


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