What is AppShed?

Appshed is an education platform that enables Neurons members to imagine, create and publish their own mobile apps. App building develops computational thinking competencies, including problem-solving and algorithmic thinking - essential skills as your children move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What is included?

Appshed consists of the three main areas shown below: App Builder, Game Maker and IoT Builder. The Neurons Appshed activities focus on App Builder and Game Maker, meaning your child will be creating mobile apps and games in a safe and secure environment. Any apps that are created can be easily downloaded onto all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) without the need to upload to any app stores.

Use AppShed to build apps quickly and easily.

  • Easy to teach app building and design
  • Creative and interactive events/actions
  • Blockly coding makes it easy for beginners
  • Advanced activities with HTML, CSS and code
  • Ready-to-go templates and app examples

Make games in AppShed using Game Maker.

  • Perfect for beginers, requiring no coding
  • Build mobile-friendly games in minutes
  • Games teach the basics of Computer Sceince
  • Include objects, events, actions, collisions 
  • Tutorials available for EDU Accounts

The easiest way to get started with electronics

  • Build your own IoT/Robotics projects
  • Control electronics from your phone
  • Easy enough for anyone to start
  • IoT/Robotics pre-made kits and projects
  • Made for Teachers and Makers

Benefits to child and parent

  • AppShed is designed to support any age group, meaning the Neurons member can start building apps easily and quickly
  • App Builder supports a wide range of essential skills development, meaning parents can expect their child to develop a broader range of skills beyond coding and app creation
  • Apps can be built without any prior coding experience, meaning parents can join in or simply sit back and enjoy seeing their child create
  • AppShed gives Neurons members the option to add advanced features, meaning learning can continue into more advanced topics.
  • Making games is a universally popular activity for learning to code, meaning Neurons members are highly likely to use AppShed
  • AppShed’s Game Maker teaches computational thinking, meaning Neurons members develop an essential skill for their future career
  • Learners develop an understanding of professional coding such as objects, events, properties & methods, physics and assets, meaning this investment in time has long term career value for those interested in app or systems development
  • The Game Maker is built in to the App Builder so users can build app based games, meaning Neurons members will boost their skills and self-esteem as they play their own game creations on their or your smartphone.


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