The team at Neurons have developed a framework for our activities that allow children from key stages 2, 3 and 4 to benefit from every activity. Children in key stage 1 may also benefit, however some support (such as a parent, guardian or sibling) is likely to be necessary. As you will see in this sample activity, there is a clear structure that encourages learning, experimentation and sharing. The structure begins with instructional sections ("Find out" and "Do this") before giving the child the freedom to experiment in the constructionist ("Try this" and "What can you do?") sections.

The above pyramid shows how the activity provides complete support in the early stages. This provides the child with the support to learn some key steps. From there, the sections gradually give the child the space to explore through their own imagination and inspiration.

Parental involvement

We encourage all parents to support their child's creative journey. Many parents will benefit from understanding the structure of a Neurons activity. Being equipped with this knowledge makes it easier to create engaging learning activities. The Department of Education’s 'Give your child a helping hand’ campaign highlights the essential role that parents and carers can play in helping their children do well at school and improve their life chances.


Safety is our primary concern. Simply because our activities are delivered online does not mean safety is any less important. All of our staff have DBS checks. Furthermore all of our staff have delivered activities in primary schools. Given the growth in online learning, and the launch of Neurons, we have an online safety policy which can be seen here.

Learning spiral

Every Neurons activity follows a constructionist approach to learning, meaning they are experiential, hands-on and require the learner to make or build something meaningful to them. Our activities encourage individualism, creative thinking, problem solving and play. We are, however, mindful of the fact that learners may need to gain new skills in order to do this successfully. This is why we have developed a structure in which we situate our activities.

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